B2B SaaS development company
Our mission is to contribute to the success of our partners and provide top-notch service.
General earnings on foreign projects such as SaaS services, marketplaces and complex research-laden interfaces
10+ years
Experience in web development, 5+ years in SaaS services and heavily loaded interfaces
30+ workers
The size of the agency, which includes such specialists as: frontend developers, backend developers, marketers, designers and devops
Who we are
BAUART Software is a web development agency that helps businesses achieve their online goals.

We are amongst the top 3% of agencies on Upwork, and have a team of experienced developers who can help you create a website that not only looks great, but also functions flawlessly.

We have a professional tone of voice, and our goal is always to deliver value to our clients.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow!
We provide services
From consulting to developing with marketing of product
Consulting for SaaS development
We have 4+ years of experience in SaaS development and we know, how to do it.

As a result - you will have ready to develop technical and business requirements with the most suitable tech stack and dev stages.
Full-cycle development team (dedicated team)
We can provide a dedicated team with the most important skills for your project: our team contains a Project Manager, UI/UX, Developers (frontend, backend), DevOps, QA.

As a result - a quality product developed and started up in budget and timeline.
A minimum viable product (MVP) development
If you are a Startup company, the first that you need - is to run MVP and attract first users, who will be ready to pay for your service or use it on trial mode (if you plan to monetize your project not from start, but later).

As a result - started up MVP version of your product, ready for handle users.
Branding and UI/UX design
Our UI/UX designers are ready to wrap your product in a convenient and memorable style. This service needs from UI/UX specialist deep dive into your project-specific and your industry. But it's worth it.

As a result - your product will apply User eXperience best practices and your users will feel it.
Proof of concept (POC)
Sometimes, before investing significant funds in development, a hypothesis test is required. It's a very important phase for complicated projects. If it's your case - let us know.

As a result - concept was qualified and then you will know that your idea/project has right for life or not
Market research
We can make a research market and find all existing similar products, found pros and cons, choose most suitable technology for your product.

As a result - reduce cost and time of the development.
Our works

Why you should hire us?

Our web development experience is huge
Development experience:
10+ years in Web (CRM, Portals)
5+ years in SaaS
3+ years in Browser games
Individual approach and long term collaboration
We consider each client as a partner.
We build a long-term partnership and collaboration.
Continuous developing and growing
IT industry is growing very fast and all our team members growing and improving one's qualifications. And you are getting a great product with modern technology and trends.

Core technologies

Most important, but not all
The most famous PHP framework. Modern and suitable for SaaS projects
Progressive and performant JavaScript framework. Great frontend for your project
solution as backend for your online games orGreat real-time web applications
Data parsing, handling, mining and analytics
Excellence our company
Sound production and light creators. The company has already worked with big city projects as "City collectors" in 2019.
Crop and Highlight is business culture and design issue for a world globe audience of readers.
Pixie Labs is an educational project in culture, languages, and communications. The project is spread all over the world and works with kids, teens, and adults.
Marine is a community of those who is deeply in sailing and has an adventurous mind. Explore teams, boats and places.
Our development workflow
Some of these steps may have another position on the sequence, for example NDA maybe before start discussing your project or before signing contract to develop.
Determine business goals and general requirements for the project
If you need MVP - we need to prioritize features for the MVP version to exclude non-priority tasks from the first version
Estimate time and budget
We can work on Time & Material or Fixed budget scheme - it depends on the scope of work, and how concrete it is.
Sign NDA and MSA
We truly understand how it is important to defend your project from possible Intellectual Property issues. So, before starting working - we are signing all needed documents.
Looking for the most suitable tech stack to apply business and technical requirements
"Measure thrice and cut once". Right technology stack in the right place is a way for success.
UI/UX design or selecting prototypes
Let's plan how will look your product and what your customers should feel when will use it.
Coding / Implementation
Front-end and back-end developers create the magic of the code, and the UI / UX design (from the previous stage) will get dynamic. We connect DBMS and the code.
Testing and QA
Before deploying a project to production, we want to be sure, that project has great quality.
Deploying your project on the hosting or cloud infrastructure, like AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.
Maintenance and support
After starting up a project - development doesn't stop. You or your customers will ask for new features and we will be ready to continue our long-term partnership.
  • What is the best way to develop a SaaS project in your agency?
    1. Communicate with our team to decide what service you need for a start. 
    2. Discuss your project, scope of work and composition of the working group.
  • What are the benefits of developing a SaaS project in your agency?
    Our team has huge experience and expertise in SaaS development and we know the best practice to develop your project within budget and time.
  • What are some of the challenges of developing a SaaS project in an agency?
    1. Selecting needed Technology stack. 
    2. Composition of the working group with the needed skills and roles, that fit the needs of your project.
    3. Choosing a suitable work scheme - time & material, dedicated team or fixed cost.
  • How do I overcome these challenges?
    Let's start discussing your project and start working from the Discovery phase to be sure that your idea will pass proof of concept.
    Our professionals will research technology, possible tech stack, and composition of the working group and will estimate an entire scope of work or some sprints/epics.
  • I don't know what's your service I need, what I should choose?
    You may schedule a call with us and we will help you to get determined.
  • I don't have a tech background (I'm not CTO / Team lead / Developer), I present business (I'm CEO / COO / CMO / CFO / CBO / Product owner / etc). Could you help me with my project?
    That's no problem. All of our partners - are business persons. We take projects from scratch to starting up them. Our team will help you understand important things in technologies.

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